Brightening Up

Yesterday, Ingkasi went out with his dogs for the first time this year, sledding through the hills behind of Ittoqqortoormiit and across Amdrup Havn. This picture was taken in the early afternoon, when he had just returned.


Since the New Year began, we`ve had clear and cold weather.

Therefore, a beautiful, still quite thin layer of new ice is covering the sea.


Although the sun is still hidden, days are getting longer and a great deal brighter.


Today I spotted some beautiful colored clouds above the roof of our house, and the same slightly pink color  reflecting in the huge water tank on the other side of town.


There is an even layer of sea ice everywhere around, still needing a few more days to be considered safe for fishing and hunting.

But, will the ice stay in place, this time?


The weather forecast for tomorrow, Thursday, doesn`t look very promising.

Let´s wait and see, while holding on to hat and glasses ;-).

9 thoughts on “Brightening Up

  1. I hope very much that the ice is soon so thick that you can go hunting. A joy the pictures is to be looked. Thus I can participate in your life ideally. Wonderfully. Have many thanks for the authentic comments. Here in Landkreis Schaumburg we have only
    -3 °C.

  2. Dear Ruth, thank you for the latest impressions from Ittoqqortoormiit! Every time I see new pictures on your blog and read your comments I feel that I have spent too little time there, and that I must return. All the best, Jörg

    P.S.: Looks like, you’re going to have it nice and cold, at least for a week now.

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