Joyful June

I love early summer in Ittoqqortoormiit … particularly June … when sea-ice is still covering the fjord and when sunlight is most intense, to be enjoyed almost all around the clock. Now, as June is coming to an end, ice conditions change quickly. During the past few days, the ice has been breaking up, and it began to rain after several weeks of sunny and dry weather. This is how the bay looked
last week


a few days ago


and today.


So, you might ask, what´s so special about June in Ittoqqortoormiit?

I can simply leave the house and go for a walk just by grabbing a light jacket or fleece and stepping into a pair of sneakers. No gloves, hat, thick jacket, thick trousers and heavy boots required. Great! Easy! It also feels much lighter, and makes me wonder if I have lost weight (what I haven´t 🙂 ), compared to walking in a winter-outfit on snowy roads. Summertime makes life easier and less complicated.


While the last patches of snow melted away outside of our house, patches of grass appeared almost over night.


When I open the window, I hear the river. I hear birds singing. Winter is more silent, while summer is full of sounds. Flowers are growing. I enjoy the silence in wintertime, but the sounds, smells and colours of summer are a welcome change.


June 21st is the Greenlandic National Day. The weather was a nice and sunny, so lots of activities took place outdoors. The day began at 8 am with a speech, a song and breakfast outside.


June is ice-fishing time! Many people, especially women, enjoyed fishing on the sea-ice close to town. This ice is all gone by now.


As soon as the road into Walrus Bay was opened, people began walking and driving to the beach and its surroundings to relax and enjoy the sun with family and friends. Last weekend, children were playing and running through the sand and water for hours.


I must admit – although summers in Greenland are much warmer than most people believe, and I have lived here for years, by now, I still haven´t used my swimsuit at the beach in Walrus Bay. But 4-year-olds do 🙂 and I am impressed.

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