Appreciating Autumn

On the 18th of september we returned to Ittoqqortoormiit after almost 4 weeks of holiday in Europe. It was great to be back home, although autumn in Greenland so far hasn´t exactly been my favourite time of the year. I normally long for winter to come. This year, I am surprised how much september and october have to offer, anyway! Here is a glimpse of what we´ve been up to since we came back.

On september 22nd my lead dog, ”min veninde”, gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies, 1 female and 2 male.

The puppies one week after birth …


… and about 2 weeks later.









This Polar Bear Skin had to be re-washed and re-dried in order to be ready for sale. We stretched the skin out for drying by sewing it into a wooden frame.









One evening in the beginning of october the kindergarten was open for those who wanted to see the children’s artwork. It was a beautiful exhibition! There was coffee and cake for everybody, and many people were meeting up. Here are the works of some of the children in our family.









At the women’s club on Tuesdays I use this little machine to spin musk-ox wool (qiviut) into yarn. I am still a beginner when it comes to spinning. It´s fun!


On october 6th the 2. (and last) supply ship – long waited for – finally arrived in Ittoqqortoormiit. We now enjoy fresh fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, eggs and different kinds of cheese. It´s a luxurious feeling to have the fridge stocked with these items for some time.









It hasn´t been snowing a lot since we came home, so there isn´t much snow on the ground yet. Most of the snow has melted again, but the rivers have started to freeze up. That actually makes this time of the year a good time for hiking!

When the sky is clear and the air crisp, it feels like autumn could become my favourite season (at least for a little while…). – One day, this little fellow showed up to say hello!









When the sky is cloudy and the air smells of snow, our dogs are getting excited, and it feels like wintertime ist just around the corner…









… and I think I`ve finally learned to appreciate october!

3 thoughts on “Appreciating Autumn

  1. LOL, the last thing I would have expected to see in Ittoqqortoormiit would be the spinning of yarn- and from the musk ox to boot! Spinning is great fun and a great way to increase dexterity in children if you use a drop spindle.

    I would love to have bought some musk ox yarn from you when we visited in 2010 as I try to buy local hand spun yarn where ever in the world I happen to be.

    • There isn´t a tradition for spinning in Ittoqqortoormiit, so it is a quite new activity, and I don´t think that you would have been able to buy local yarn back in 2010 🙂 but that would be possible in the future, for sure… Interesting you mention the drop spindle – I actually got one recently, and have been practicing with it at home.

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