The morning after

The morning after a major storm can be full of surprises. Today, we woke up to huge snowdrifts and houses covered by wet and sticky snow!


4 month old puppies Barbie and Bruno enjoy to curl up close to our house …


… somewhere with a good view!


Still no sight of sea ice.

It has been very mild recently, with temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius.


Houses in the neighbourhood


Delivering water in this kind of conditions can be tricky!


Walking up this new “hill” by the former post office, towards the church (hidden behind the snowdrift), it felt as if we might be able to touch the street lamp!


I`ve been told that in the 1970´s, there sometimes used to be so much snow that elderly ladies would sit down on a street lamp to rest on their walk through the community.

Maybe that will finally be possible again, in 2014?? 🙂


On the way home, towards our house (the roof to the left).

I have to admit that there are still a few meters to go in order to reach the top of the street lamp comfortably …


… so let`s see what February brings!

9 thoughts on “The morning after

  1. What a wonderful blog to read in the morgen – just a little bit snow in Denmark but a Lotte of noise about it! Thank you to let me follow the beautiful place in North East Greenland and Tour life there Ruth.
    Love Tina

    • Thanks, Clare! It was a special and beautiful day with this different shades of gray and white… I just discovered your homepage, I am looking forward to take a look at the pictures you have taken during your stay in Ittoqqortoormiit!

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