Guest Blog – Liverpool Land

Today I´d like to share with you all a blog post by Jörg Berning.

It is exactly 1 year ago that he went out with Ingkasi and me – and our dogs – to experience southern Liverpool Land.

Thank you, Jörg, for documenting your experience so beautifully, and sharing it with the world!

(You have to click on the link below the following picture and text, to be directed to Jörg`s blog!)

Enjoy 🙂

My sincere thanks to Ruth for allowing me to place an account of my experience in Liverpool Land in this blog. I had an unforgettable time with Ruth and Ingkasi in March this year, and it is with great pleasure that I share this with all who might be interested. I came to Ittoqqortoormiit for the…

via Liverpool Land March ’16 — JB Blogs

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